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At Stella Wagyu, we focus on acquiring the best-proven quality genetics to build our herd and supply breeders in Southern Africa.

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Dr. Sandy Bruns

B.Med. Sc., M.B. Ch.B M Med. 

Sandy practiced urology in Welkom for the past 30 years and acquired Plaas Maatschappy 15 years ago. He has since built a successful, commercial Bonsmara herd. He focusses on animal health and herd improvement.


Johan de Vos

B.Eng, MBL

Johan has been working in the energy business for 40 years. He spent extensive periods in Japan where he negotiated Sasol’s first coal export contracts to Japanese customers. He acquired farm Meyersrust and incorporated it with Plaas Maatschappy into Stella Wagyu. Johan focusses on herd genetics, imports and animal feeding.

our story

2018 AWA

Graham Truscott assisted the directors of Stella Wagyu to meet the best breeders in Australia and acquire superior genetics.


Several batches of Embryos and Semen was acquired from Dom and Jo Bayard at GRS.

Macquary Wagyu is the only Japanese owned wagyu herd outside of Japan. Stella Wagyu acquired the best available semen and embryos from this award winning breeder. In 2018 Anthony, Chantal and Jacob Winter visited Stella Wagyu.



The success of Stella Wagyu is attributed to our dedicated team.

My consulting work with Stella Wagyu began in 2017 after they had acquired quality Australian genetics from Sumo Wagyu. Stella principals, Johan de Vos and Dr Sandy Bruns had the vision of Wagyu bringing extremely high value to the South African beef industry through its internationally renowned eating quality. With a strong focus on developing a top quality female herd, I assisted with introductions to some of Australia’s leading Wagyu operations. Excellent business relationships have been developed between Stella and Australia’s Macquarie Wagyu and Goorambat Wagyu.


Access to and selection of some of their best sire and dam combinations has positioned Stella to breed a Wagyu herd of superior quality. Semen from them and from others have also added high value to both Stella and its customers. Stella Wagyu represents some of the best possible proven Wagyu genetics and is ready to deliver on its vision for South Africa.

Graham Truscott

Beef Industry Consultant

Previous CEO of AWA




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